Sanitary Bin Odour Control

Sanitary Bin Odour Control – Waste Disposal

Washroom disposal unit bin odour is a problematic issue within the confined spaces in commercial washroom facilities. Combating the problem results in fewer complaints and service call outs.

Sanitary bin odour control products are designed for the treatment of sanitary towels and tampons in a hygienic and safe way.

The sanitary disposal unit is not a courtesy element anymore. But an essential item in any public bathroom, as it ensures optimum hygiene in these areas.

Sanitary Bin Odour Control – Bio Active Products

Feminine hygiene disposal units using Bio Active Sanitisers.sanitary bin odour control

Modern disposal units have a big capacity. Keeping waste safe for up to 30 days they also provide peace of mind for facilities managers. A biocidal product should be placed in the inside of the waste receptacle. This significantly annuls the microbiological growth whilst giving off a pleasant fragrance.

The waste disposal can be carried out through both the use of a bag liner or the collection and replacement of the container.

Having your waste system taken care of by a professional washroom company helps to prevent pipe blockages and generates multiple benefits regarding safety, cleaning and hygiene processes at work.

Odour Control – Solutions

Most washroom service companies use commercial grade neutralisers as well as sanitisers as part of the regular maintenance process.

Neutrabin waste disposal products are perfect for the reduction of pathogens within waste units  as a result reducing odours within the washroom area.

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