Sanitary Waste Bin Sanitiser

Better Washroom Experience Using Sanitisers

The big advantage to sanitary waste bin sanitisers and servicing feminine hygiene bins with the correct products is that you can afford to service them more often. There is an enormous number of sanitary bins in busy facilities that should be serviced more often than they are.

Perhaps they should be serviced every week or every fortnight, for example reducing services will use less sanitary waste bin sanitisers.

As a result this is great for saving a little bit of money but think of it from your visitors perspective.  Apart from the potential for unpleasant odour issues which can be very uncomfortable, from a hygiene point of view, wouldn’t you want to know that the bin that you are sitting in close proximity to is using the correct sanitary waste bin sanitisers or has been serviced.

Here’s a simple procedure you can implement in your facility for the use of sanitary waste bin sanitisers

Sanitary Waste Bin Sanitisers Servicing Procedure

We have listed below using sanitary waste bin sanitisers within a normal bin maintenance procedure.sanitary waste bin sanitisers

  1. Ensure your service team are wearing gloves and PPE. Blood and bodily fluids may need to be cleaned up. Be especially careful of sharps.
  2. Empty the bin by removing the liner bag, sealing it and placing it in a lined container or trolley waste receptacle. Always use extreme caution when removing any liner. They can contain sharp objects including needles. Don’t allow the bin liner to brush your skin or body. Don’t try to compress the bin liners in the bin even if you have gloves on.
  3. Inspect the sanitary waste bin and remove any debris remaining in the bottom of the bin.
  4. Wipe the bin with sanitary Bin Wipes. Especially focus on the lid and modesty chute.
  5. You can also wipe down with a paper towel.
  6. Fit a new sanitary waste liner ensuring it completely covers the inside surface of the sanitary bin.
  7. Add the Neutrabin sanitary waste bin sanitisers to the liner.
  8. Refit the lid, also inspect to ensure the bin is ready for service and give a final wipe if necessary.

Order Neutrabin sanitary waste bin sanitisers

Sanitary Waste Bin Sanitisers – Contract Hygiene Services

Servicing your own sanitary bins is something of a shady area when it comes to commercial premises. We have talked to facility managers, and they just don’t want to think about feminine hygiene waste and the legal implications.

That’s why getting an outside contractor who uses commercial sanitary waste bin sanitisers is the easiest option and the most common thing to do, ask yourself, what’s best for my facilities, my budget, my staff and my visitors ?

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