Sanitary Waste Disposal Units

Dealing with offensive sanitary waste and practical reasons for dealing with waste.

Waste must be disposed of responsibly and ethically to ensure that anyone who may come in contact with this type of waste is fully protected.

Sanitary disposal bins in toilets will definitely demonstrate that your business is compliant and provides a safe working environment.  Compliance with legal requirements are noted by your visitors.

Sanitary Waste – Environment ImpactNeutrabin

Another practical reason to provide sanitary disposal bins is to avoid expensive drain repairs.  Waste should not be flushed down the toilet as sanitary towels and tampons don’t get dissolved in the water.

Flushing them down causes pollution of the water systems and eventually beaches, seems such a small thing but investing in a sanitary disposal bin will contribute towards protecting the environment and allow us to enjoy it for longer.

Sanitary Waste – Drains & Ambiance

Blockages to drain systems also mean out of order facilities. There is no worse publicity for your business than out of order washrooms.

People often recommend restaurants and childcare facilities to each other based on the whole experience rather than food. For offices this is important when your visitors need to use your toilets

Sanitary Waste Disposal Companies

Sanitary waste disposal bins, there is wide range of sanitary waste bins available on the market from standard white bins to designer finish units, these sanitary waste disposal units come in different shapes and sizes. sanitary waste

Once installed sanitary waste bins also need to be emptied and maintained on a regular basis, so you should find a service provider you can rely on and not just the cheapest.

Experienced washroom hygiene companies will be able to advise on a suitable service frequency, supply you with a rental service agreement and arrange regular collection and disposal of the sanitary waste.

Sanitary Waste Duty Of Care

Washroom hygiene companies should also show you a valid Waste Transfer Note, confirming they are authorised to deal with offensive and hazardous waste.

It is part of your duty of care to ensure that your service provider handles the waste safely, It doesn’t only mean collection but also safe disposal at Waste Transfer Stations.

Responsible washroom companies will ensure that collection of your waste is as discreet as possible.

Once your business is compliant with the regulations and you have a reliable service provider you can concentrate on your core business, and not to worry about complaints from your employees, colleagues, customers or visitors.

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