Sanitary Bin Sanitising Products

Sanitary bin sanitising products. Commercial sanitary bin sanitiser powder 12 x bottles of Neutrabin bio active shakers for sanitary bins and nappy disposal units.

Used by professional washroom companies, our bio active sanitising granules are ideal for waste disposal storage.

sanitary bin sanitising products
sanitary bin hygiene

Sanitary Bin Sanitising Products

These easy to use these shaker bottles are designed to supply a measured dose within the waste receptacle. Provides a fast effective service option for washroom opperatives. Combats odours and also reduces germs within the wate disposal unit.

Why use sanitary bin sanitiser

One of the main reasons to use sanitary waste sanitising products is to maintain total hygiene.  Combating odors as well a germs keeps your washroom units hygienic.

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All our hygiene products can also be used with the home to help maintain your bathroom waste recepticals as well as kitchen waste bins.