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Ordering neutrabin products could not be easier all our products can be ordered using our business partners.   When you buy or provide a washroom service for feminine sanitary units and other offensive waste disposal bins these should be maintained on a regular basis. sanitary bin sanitisers

Avoid odour and the build up of potentially harmful bacteria, we recommend the use of professional grade bin sanitisers to be used within your waste disposal units at all times.

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Ordering Neutrabin products could not be easier Buy Online

Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd

Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd established in 1999 provide commercial washroom products & services

Ordering Neutrabin Products

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Should you require a trade account or become a re-seller (subject to minimum orders) please contact us info@neutrabin.co.uk

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Feminine Hygiene Unit Information

Thinking Of Purchasing Feminine Sanitary Bins

Feminine sanitary bins and commercial waste disposal units, current legal implications may result in a fine for business users contravening there Duty of Care and Health and Safety Regulations at Work.

Duty of Care

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Sanitary bins

Your duty of care as a producer of waste, all employers have a legal duty of care to ensure that all waste is legally and ethically removed from site up to its final disposal.  Breach of your duty of care is a criminal offense that can carry a penalty of up to £5,000 on conviction.

Duty of Care and The Law

If you are a producer of controlled waste you have a legal duty of care, this duty applies to everyone involved with the handling of your waste starting with the site that produces it to the person who finally disposes of it.

The duty of care is set out in section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, it applies to everyone who is a producer or handler of controlled waste.

Under the Duty of Care Regulations 1991 all parties transferring controlled waste are required to complete and retain a waste transfer document containing written details of that waste, DEFRA the Department for Environment,Food and Rural Affairs now requires waste to be described on the transfer note by reference to the European Waste Catalog.

These amendments to the 1991 Regulations were implied to meet the landfill directives requirements on monitoring acceptance and treatment of waste and resulting in the UK’s obligation to implement the (EWC).

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