About Neutrabin

Products Designed For Service Providers

About Neutrabin, Neutrabin was established to meet the growing demands of the independent washroom service business, we realised that small independent washroom service companies where operating on tighter margins to compete with national service providers and to remain competitive they would reduce operating costs by cutting back on essential products.

As more and more contract cleaners are taking on the role of servicing washroom bins to gain new contracts, Neutrabin offers an affordable option for the purchase of commercial bio active sanitisers for office cleaners & washroom companies.    about neutrabin

Neutrabin bio active bin sanitizing granules have been developed to help to protect the service operative from germs within the waste receptacle whilst also reducing odours in the feminine hygiene unit. Our feminine hygiene waste treatment solutions are high quality, performance driven and environmentally responsible.

Whilst large suppliers of commercial bin sanitisers would have minimum orders further reducing the small washroom company’s likelihood of using the appropriate product. Neutrabin can supply high and low volume orders through our business partners giving you the peace of mind that you are doing the best to protect yourself and staff.

About Neutrabin – Why Choose Us

One of the key questions about neutrabin is what makes your products better than others,  all our sanitisers are independently tested and are specifically designed for use within offensive waste storage bins.  Sanitary waste bins can be a breeding ground for micro-organisms leading to the development of odours and subsequent customer complaints using high quality sanitisers reduces health risks and service call outs.

Service Operator Focused

  • Using Neutrabin products reduces waste disposal costs and service times
  • One 20 mg sanitiser dose per bin, so no risk of cost overruns due to product overdosing.
  • Reduction in wastage of product – all product utilised within the receptical.
  • Product is disposed of with other waste, reducing waste handling costs.
  • Minimal investment required in personal protective equipment for employees.

Neutrabin Products

A common question about Neutrabin is the product range, having identified your customers requirement, operators can choose between the products in our range to fulfill performance and budgetary criteria. Products such as the Neutrabin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser is designed for the safe storage of soiled dressings in feminine hygiene units whilst NeutraWaste is for safe storage of soiled dressings and medical waste.

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