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Neutrabin bio active sanitary bin sanitiser granules have been developed to help protect washroom service operatives from germs within the sanitary waste receptacles whilst also reducing odours.  Our feminine hygiene waste treatment solutions are high quality, performance driven and environmentally responsible.

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As a supplier of commercial offensive waste neutralisers and odour control products we are sure that we have a product to suit your waste control requirements.

Looking For The Right Product 

Neutrabin specifically have a range of products selected for performance, affordability and ease of use.  Controlling waste within washroom facilities is carried out as part of a scheduled service program as a result using the appropriate bio active treatment products within the waste disposal unit is essential.

Neutrabin Services

At Neutrabin we are proud to supply small to medium sized business users with our Neutrabin, Neutrawaste as well as Freshguard products through our associates. Please see our Ordering page for details.

Our Vision

Our core principles & values…

  • The customer is key – we strive to understand our customers. Also listening to their requirements and ensuring that we meet their needs.
  • Premium products & Services – as a supplier we aim to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition. Delivering exemplary service as well as quality products you can be proud of.

Sanitary disposal units
Neutrabin sanitary bins
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Contract Sanitary Bin Services

As part of your scheduled waste disposal service day your washroom operatives will remove the internal sanitary liner. Replace with a new one and also apply a dose of our Neutrabin Sanitiser which helps to reduce odour and kill pathogens within the receptacle.

Lastly the feminine hygiene units are thoroughly cleaned and all offensive waste removed from site.  Under license for safe disposal to specifically comply with your legal duties under Health and Safety.

As part of your nappy bin service, your provider should also apply 3 x doses of our Neutrawaste formula. Some specially designed nappy disposal units also have a retaining clip inside the lid for Freshguard products.

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Having a dedicated business partner take care of your workplace hygiene requirements also gives you peace of mind that your site is being taken care of.

Anitbacterial Surface Sanitiser Wipes
antibacterial surface wipes
Alcohol sanitiser surface wipes

Bactericidal surface cleaning wipes. These 80% alcohol based Surface Sanitizer Wipes have been developed to the highest standards.

All Rentex sanitizers contain the maximum amount of alcohol required which is the main ingredient responsible for killing 99.9% of germs by disrupting the metabolism of the bacterial cells.

Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbor large numbers of harmful bacteria. Our easy to use surface sanitizer provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitize surfaces during services. And also to reduce the effects of cross contamination in the work place.

Hand Hygiene Products

As the global effect of corona virus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Rentex are firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers as well as employees. Supplying UK made 70% alcohol hand Sanitisers as well as dispensers.