Nappy Bin Sanitisers

Nappy Bin Sanitisers

Using nappy bin sanitisers can help reduce odours within waste disposal units and neutralising pathogens at the same time.

Application of our Neutrawaste nappy waste disposal product is perfect for commercial washroom service companies and can also be used domestically with storage bins.

Nappy Waste Disposal The Law & You.   

Business premises are governed by Environmental waste control. The safe removal and disposal of soiled nappy waste from such locations must be provided by a licensed company.

Businesses with occasional visitors must also comply with current regulations. All waste should be removed from site by a fully licensed business who deals in controlled waste services.  nappy bin sanitisers

Sites by law should be provided with a duty of care certificate to certify that your nappy bin waste is disposed of in the correct ethical and legal manner.

For full legislative advice please contact your local environmental agency.

Nappy Bin Sanitisers Online – Purchases

Neutrawaste bio active granuals can be purchased singular or as a bulk option, we also are able to dispatch on a next working day basis to mainland UK.

Baby Changing Facilities

Commercial washroom facilities will provide a baby changing station along with the means to dispose of offensive waste.

Your chosen waste disposal company should furthermore apply products designed for the safe control of waste.